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Anonymous SENT: Hey, I was wondering how do you make avatars or mod on SL? I've always dreamed of making some myself since customs are super expensive. But I don't have the slightest clue on where or how to start other than the jumbled secondlife wiki pages. Any tips? Thanks!

I can probably answer this in detail in my second life account, which is SaffiKitty9218.



So what else is new?

But I actually saw someone saying that hate can be constructive, and that denouncing hate is bad.

I understood some of the points they were making. They said that some people assume that all oppression is based on hate, and that if…

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From the extended version of Thieves in the Temple.

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May is National Masturbation Month: Let’s do this people. 

be a patriot!


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I compiled some personal tactics and crowd sourced DIY remedies for the sads (clinical term) into a mini comic! Enjoy xoxo

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It never has.

I’m gonna reblog this every day until you start understanding.

Ok yes the font is awful but this is true

this is the very reason why I think love and forgiveness is important

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I was thinking about how when we’re little we’re taught to say sorry if we do something wrong. And we’re told to always forgive, even as adults. I’ve been pressured into “forgiving” a lot of people who don’t deserve to even be around me.

But then I…





that one kid who argues with the teacher on a regular basis and you just


Doesn’t it kind of depend on the arguing, though? I think it’s very important for young people to recognize that adults don’t know…



Anti-social justice bloggers aren’t typically against social justice.

What they are against is tumblr social justice and how this website has made a joke out of many credible and important movements for equality.

That is why such a community exists, because the behaviors of…

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It’s 2014 and within the past week I have seen the Tumblr community legitimize bullying anyone with white / cis / het / male privilege, defend the existence of otherkin, threaten people who constructively linguistically criticize that massive list of (mostly completely contrived)…

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I’m tired of seeing comics on my dash whose sole purpose is to discredit movements by playing up on these ridiculous overblown stereotypical caricatures of what privileged people think SJWs are and then acting like the entire community is like this to further ignore their messages.

I thought that it was criticizing way a lot of kids around here go about movements precisely by showing that they shout to the heavens and proclaim themselves to be loving and anti-bullying and all about helping spread awareness think that it’s okay unleash horrific judgmental bullying-sprees on people who aren’t affected by the things they are, just simply for not being gay, transgender, not fat, and for having light skin, etc.

I didn’t think it was discrediting the movements and not just because the obvious caption of “tumblr” being there because this IS a thing we see on tumblr a lot, the bullying in the name of “justice” and people saying that this is perfectly 100% okay to do. I think if they were trying to discredit the movements, the artist wouldn’t actually be able to show in the first panel of each character, in words, the actual real issues that we are trying to put to an end through spreading awareness and trying to make a change for equality and understanding.




"Tumblrs a loving open community, UNLESS UR WHITE/MALE/CIS/STRAIGHT"

Translation: “I’m upset that there’s like, one place that doesn’t cater to my privileges.”

Translation: “I don’t understand that no matter how privileged a…

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Do we see how generalizing is causing the alienation of a group. Do we understand that this is not going to help anyone. Do we understand that THIS IS NOT HOW YOU GO ABOUT CHANGING THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.

What does someone have to do to not be evil in your eyes? Someone can be the best ally ever and they will still get hate for being cishet.

Stop fighting fire with fire.

Bolding the comment above because yes

I’ve never understood the hate on cis people. Is it bad to be a heterosexual? Is it bad to feel comfortable with the gender you were born as? No. It doesn’t matter if you’re bi, gay, lesbian, demi, pan, asexual, trans, cishet and everything in between. Nobody should be denied their human rights. Just because a someone is cis does not automatically make them a rude and privileged white person. Whether you want to know it or not, everybody is subject to oppression. Don’t pretend a cis person does not understand and does not want to make a stand for your rights. 

I understand that there are bad people out there that may or may not be cis. However, there is always a handful of bad people in everything. That doesn’t mean that they’re all bad people, that’s like saying if there is a very anti-gay Christian that all Christians are anti-gay. You cannot lump the people you dislike or that are bad with the rest of the people in an area. 

tl;dr - Making a person feel bad for who they are does not help you or anybody else.

Yup yup yup. Reverse racism, cisphobia, and heterophobia aren’t Things, but being an asshole is A Thing. If you’re being an asshole, nobody’s going to listen to you, because nobody should have to listen to an asshole. Let’s do ourselves, and the queer rights movement, a favour and not be assholes. Okay?

It’s one thing to say “I hate -insert privileged group-” because that’s expressing a sentiment. That’s cool. I fucking hate republicans, I wish nobody was a republican. That doesn’t mean that every republican is “scum” or should “go die” and it doesn’t mean I’m allowed to harass republicans for no reason. And heck, being a republican is a choice - being white or straight or cis isn’t. 

tl;dr lacking privilege is not a get-out-of-douchebaggery-free card, having strong feelings about a group that an individual belongs to does not give you the right to shit on that individual

Bless this post

Reverse racism, cisphobia, and heterophobia aren’t Things, but being an asshole is A Thing.”

Something I have had to explain to angry people in my inbox numerous times. 

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